The taste of effects

I wear my headphones at the disco.


Summaries 10degrees

Some might say foreshadowing, others might classify the syntax dramatic. I don't know, however, There will be good because of it!


Ansitropic Luck

Is a mistake a conscious decision to do something "wrong" or is it unconscious bad luck? I don't care. In those less successful moments, we must strive to make the best of it and laugh at the pain. Secure some moment of sensuality, even if the sentiment has selfish motives.  Believe in achieving depth to the ever evolving character of our soul, even if the change makes us less perfect. The only waste of time is spent regretting the past. Step into the darkness fearlessly.  Take your desires, don't just wonder in the mist of mistakes.  I don't care, tomorrow if I want something different, I will go after that too.


Advanced Magick

Do not exhaust what your strength is, exhaust what is strong not ones go. "for every victory there is a defeat" Certainty is boring. I like boring most of the time. It is also easy to enjoy strategy, disciple, and indulgence.    Hegal thinks truth is the whole in the process of development. Flavors of thought in turn are increasing in possible equations. Resolutions, are, simple:  Learn as much as possible, because the more educated and experienced I become the logic of the little I know is clear.  This is the art of humble perseverance. Success is certain for those patience and practical. Its practical to dream of cosmology equations, triangles, wheres the why's?, and who cares the size of X. Lol, Then wake up and do yoga to the audiobook of Tina Fay's Bossy-pants that I've finally added to the agenda . No, its not easy to breath and laugh at the same time.